Ceremony Decorations

Ceremony Decorations


We offer a large selection of ideas for your ceremony decorating from plant stands & candelabras down the aisle to organza bows. We encourage our brides to find places to use things from the ceremony at the reception. Blocking off the aisle truly makes it a more memorable experience for the bride &groom

Pew bows with accents

Pew bow with ribbon rose in center, double bows,or single organza bows

Double organza bows

Organza bows with a fresh flower, fern, and baby’s breath

Ceremony Package#1:2 small pedestals with 2 topiary trees to block off the main aisle for only the wedding party(guests are then seated to the outside)

Ceremony Package#2:2 Large topiary trees with organza tied in center to block off the main aisle(guests are then seated to the outside to keep the main aisle for the wedding party

Fresh rose petals down aisle(outside only) price to be determined by length of aisle(Clean up is included)

Silk rose petals down aisle(inside or outside) price to be determined by length

Organza connecting pews: price to be determined by length of aisle

Aisle Runners:One time use( lace-type pattern) available in 75, 100, 175, &200 foot long: price determined by length

*See rose balls under florals for other ideas to decorate the aisle

*See Pedestals& Arches Subheadings for more ideas